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2015 marks the 40th anniversary of Comic Market, which started as a place for the fans to engage with likeminded enthusiasts, through discussions and turning their ideas into doujinshis. In time it has grown into the great festivity we see today. The so called otaku culture, which includes manga, anime, games and cosplay, has come to earn an international recognition, and Japanese anime and manga are now being enjoyed by people across the world. We are delighted that there are so many otaku fan events taking place in various countries.

Comiket Special 6, with the cooperation of fans and event organizers both domestic and foreign, aims to celebrate and unite the international otaku population. There is a variety of programs never seen before at Comiket events, in the hope that we may go further in providing that special space for the fans to appreciate and show their support for Japanese creative contents.

Why not share your passion for doujinshi and make friends with otakus worldwide? Comiket awaits your participation as your country's representative.

Comiket Special 6 Circle Application Summary

Event Details

Dates March 28-29, 2015
Saturday: 11:00am - 4:00pm (tentative)
Sunday: 11:00am - 4:00pm (tentative)
Venue Makuhari International Convention Complex
How to get there
Application Fee 5,700 JPY/circle space per day (Credit card payment only)
Number of circle spaces 1,000 circle spaces/day (provisional)

Rules for participation

  • Comiket Special 6 is an exhibition and sales event for the hobby enthusiasts, both amateur and professional. We do not accept applications from corporate or for-profit bodies. We also ask that the sales items to be limited to original creations by the exhibitors.
  • Please make sure that all exhibitors read this page, the Comiket Manual ( ) and other guides from Comiket carefully ( ). If you wish to participate at Comic Market, it is absolutely necessary that you understand all rules, instructions, and guidelines specified by Comiket and fully abide by them.

    Circle Participation Guide will be sent by email at a later date, and the printed version of the Guide will be available at the venue. Please refer to the email for more details.
  • Comiket will be responsible for deciding which dates will be reserved for each genres and how many circles will be accepted, as well as the placement of approved circles within each genre groupings. (You, the circle applicant, must decide the genre you wish to engage in at Comiket Special 6. We, Comiket, will do our best to decide how to assign the genres on each date and where each circles will be placed.) Comiket is currently considering arrangements for approved participating circles regarding general participation at Comiket Special 6 on the date that you are not assigned. Please await further information regarding this.
  • In case we cannot allocate you a circle space, Comiket will reimburse its application fee only.
  • If Comiket Special 6 is forced to be cancelled for unforeseen reasons, we will make our best effort to contact the applicants and reimburse the application fee, minus the cost incurred up to that point. We remind you that the contracts with the event venue and other associated contractors include disclaimers for natural disasters, and in the case where the event is cancelled mid-session, there is likely to be a significant cost incurred already. We ask you therefore to accept that it will be extremely difficult to reimburse the fee once the venue rental fee has been paid. Also Comiket will not be liable for any indirect damages. Comiket will not accept claims which exceed the value of the application fee.
  • We remind you that we do not accept cancellation once the application is submitted.
  • ScreenIn accordance with the Chiba Prefecture ordinances, the circles exhibiting adult material are required to set up dividers separating the restricted items from non restricted items displayed on the table. Please refer to the Circle Participation Guide for more details.

Qualification for application

  • An applicant must be born on or before April 1st, 1998.
  • An applicant must be reachable by email. We will only accept any subsequent inquiries from the named person on the application form, with certain exceptions where there are changes to the status of the named person on the application form.
  • Applicant must speak either Japanese or English, adhere to Japanese national laws and local ordinances, follow Comiket rules and observe the manners of Comiket participation, and encourage others to do likewise.

Circle space description

1 circle space is 1/2 table(90cm x 45cm approx.), 1 chair and entitled to 2 circle entry passes. Additional chairs are available on request at the venue, at extra cost.

Additional Information

  • We ask the exhibitors to submit one sample copy for each newly exhibited items (all printed materials and digital materials which have not been exhibited at the past Comiket events prior, regardless of the publication dates). These sample copies will be cataloged for future displays at locations such as the doujinshi library proposed by Comiket, and at other associated events and venues, such as the Yonezawa Yoshihiro Memorial Library of Manga and Subcultures, at Meiji University, Tokyo ( ).
  • Please note that the use of information such as the circle publicity spot illos, circle names and the author names will be at the discretion of Comiket Inc. For more information on private policy, please go to
  • Application operates on an one application for one circle basis. However, a single applicant may submit applications for multiple spaces.
  • We accept delivery of goods directly from the printers. You may also use parcel delivery services for your logistical needs to the venue. Please refer to the Circle Participation Guide for more details.
  • Please use the genre codes listed below when completing the application form. The codes are the same for Comic Market 87.
Manga100Original Fiction (Boy’s)
110Original Fiction (Girl’s)
120Original Fiction (JUNE/Boys’ Love)
130School Manga Clubs
135Reviews / comments / general information
810Fanclubs (Shonen Manga)
820Fanclubs (Shojo Manga)
830Fanclubs (Seinen Manga)
840Fanclubs (Gangan)
400Fanclubs (JUMP others)
410JUMP ball sports
433The Prince of Tennis
434Gin Tama
forMen200Originals and Derivatives for Men
Anime500Other Anime
510Sunrise Anime
Novels800Fanclubs (Novels)
Games220Dating Sims
230Other Digital
231Cosplay photo collections
240Doujin Software
241Toho Project
300Games (others)
311Games (offline)
312Games (online)
320Games (RPG)
321Square Enix (RPG)
330Games (Love)
335Games (History)
Others615History and Literature
620Tokusatsu, SF, Fantasy
630Train, Travel, Mecha and Military
710Music (European / Japan music)
720Music (Japanese male idol )
730TV, Movies, Celebrities
910Original accessories
  • Please be reminded that the power outlets at the venue may not be used by the exhibitors.
  • In case where applicant's details (email address/home address/circle name) change after the application deadline date, please use the email form below to inform us of the change. Please state clearly your name, your circle name and your application number.
  • For any other inquiries, please use the mail form below to contact us.

Application timetable

Application period:
November 1st, 2014 ~ December 22nd, 2014 23:59 JST (14:59 UTC)
Reply & dispatch dates
Application submittance confirmation Mid January, 2015 (by email)
Application result notification Mid February, 2015 (by email)
Fee Reimbursement (in cases where your application was denied) Mid February, 2015
Online Application for Comiket Special 6
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